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'You carry the troubles of all the World'
a friend once said to me,
But how can you close your inner eye,
and pretend you just don't see ?
How can you help but share and feel
America's grief and pain,
Knowing they'll never hear or hold
a loved one, once again ?
Right now, now words can take away
the anguish they go through,
They say that 'Time' heals everything,
Let's hope that this is true.
We stand beside, salute with Pride
the Courage of this Race,
The one thing in this sad, sad World
that 'Time' will not erase.

Shirley Frances Winskill 2001

On a crystal blue morning,

the silence was broken.

Down came two towers,

and not a word was spoken.

As the smoke billowed,

and rose to the sky.

All we could do was watch,

and ask ourselves why.

This has to be a dream,

for it just doesn't seem right.

To take so many lives,

when they never had a chance to fight.

The pictures that we've seen,

the stories that we've heard.

The innocent lives lost,

whose souls now soar like birds.

The firemen and policemen,

who gave their lives that day.

Will not be soon forgotten,

and will be thought of in every way.

Although right now we're hurting,

we won't give in or fail.

You see we are Americans,

and we'll be the ones who prevail.





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Here Is a group i belong too its called
Heavens Angel's